Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Message from Joe Lasher


I'm seeing GREAT activity company wide. You should all be receiving emails from the home office. Taste n Tells are starting back up. Distributors are making the switch from Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold. Guys, it's happening.

Some folks have asked me "when do I believe the best time to get started REALLY will be"....folks, it's NOW. Our home based business start up costs are low ($398); our monthly over head is low ($50 and our customers can cover that); and our product is ALWAYS in demand (food). I know that we are hearing words like "recession" and even "depression" more often than we like. ALL of us have been affected by the current state of the economy. But I truly believe, once our new President is sworn in, that we will experience a new level of consumer confidence, at least for the first half of 2009. Banks call it a "honeymoon" period. It will be more of an attitude change than anything. When that happens, it will spur further growth for Menage Innovations.

I sincerely hope that those of you who are local to the WNC area will plan to come to one of our Team Meetings this coming week. Huey Maltry and I, along with Mike and Angie forester will be at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Brevard on Monday, 6:00 PM. We'll have some food and discuss the business. We'll be back in Weaverville NC at 6:30 PM on Tuesday at the M7 Realty Office at 55 N. Main Street. All this info is on www.moneywhileyoueat.com/upcoming. For those of you that are not local to our area, please stay in touch with your Sponsor and Sponsors, stay in touch with these folks. Webinars are happening frequently. At the rate of company growth that we are seeing, there will be events close to you soon!

Stay connected and move forward with us.


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Platinum Distributor Menage Innovations

Congrats are in Order!!

I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate Danny Wimprine, of New Orleans, for going Silver earlier this morning. The State of Louisiana is wide open and it starts this coming Friday night at our first major event inside the City of New Orleans.

This Economy and how it relates to this business......

The majority of people, no matter what part of the country you are in, are being affected by the downturn. Pride is the biggest killer in this business! Some people are not willing to swallow the pride and try MLM. Myself on the other hand, show me a way to make money(as long as it is legal!) and I will give it a shot if the timing is right in my life. Here is what I am getting at. As 401k's continue to drop, as small, medium and major size companies continue to put on hiring freeze's and eliminate raises across the board, people are going to hit that point where they have no choice but to "at least look at it".
This is not for everybody, we all know that but the majority of people know the money at stake here. I have seen out in the field that 70 percent of the people I have come in contact with have tried Networking before. If you strive to work this business the entire year and stay the course, you will be rewarded. You have to set up appointments and show the plan on a consistent basis to grow. "Rome wasn't built in a day" and the same goes for this. You have to set goals and not get off track. End of story.

p.s. The Charleston, SC(specifically Johns Island) market was opened up today by Venecia Willoughby in Asheville, NC!! What a great Menage territory this is going to be. Have a great weekend.


Sam Kelly
Platinum Distributor
Menage Innovations

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Menage Innovations Leader Board

Hello Team Menage! What a great year we had as a company in ’08. Thank you all for a great finish in December. Menage had a record breaking month of sales in December in Gourmet Food. While other companies both conventional and especially network marketing saw tremendous drops in December and fourth quarter sales, Menage Innovations posted record numbers and growth. The food is both unique and powerful in the market place and is proving every month to be tremendous in network marketing through Menage. Continue to grow your team and sales in ’09.


Vincent Tillis has been gaining on the number 1 position at Silver and finally clinched the top spot in December. Great job Vincent on #1 and for hitting the Silver Double. Rochelle Massey was number #2 completing the month just behind Vincent. Jon Carroll slipped out of the number 1 spot to #3 in December but continues to show consistent growth each month. James “Skipper” Ertle ended #4 showing each month how consistency pays off. David Carlson rounded out the top group at #5.


Mary Lynn McPherson and Alan Silverblatt (MLA) were the #1 Golds for another month. MLA is pushing hard growing a great business and is in the hunt for top money earner honors for the year. Sam Kelly (SSR) finished in 2nd place for the month. Congrats are in order for Sam, Sid, and Rose for their leadership and team building in ’08. Jack Gadd was #3 among all Golds. Tim Kuhlman ended the month #4 and has been consistent throughout the year among all leaders. The ever steady Chuck Dalton finished #5 and has been in the top five all year. Great job guys.


No shock here, Jack Gadd continues month in and out to run away with the #1 position. Sam Kelly finished 2nd among Platinums and is going to give Jack a strong contest in ’09.

Lynn Grantland and Ronnie Cottrell rounded out the top for Platinum leaders.

Once again, Mark Carroll, and I want to congratulate you and thank you for the great year. We are looking forward to an even better ’09 for both the company and you and your teams.

Keep up the great work.

Eddie Lee Herndon

Co Owner

Ménage Innovations

Your Family's Future Starts Here!!!!

Thanks for a Great Year at Menage Innovations

Dawn and I want to thank you for being a part of our lives in 2008. We are looking forward to 2009 with great anticiption. Our youngest son, Richard (19) is leaving for Central Asia to take up residence for the next seven months. My other son will live in England a big part of next year. So, I am more available than ever to help you build your business in Menage.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite Jim Rohn approach questions:

"Have you found the opportunity that will take care of you and your family for the rest of your life?"

His follow-up when they say, "No":

"Well, then I have to ask you another question. How much time to you spend each week looking for it?"

All our best from my family to yours.

Happy New Year,

Chuck Dalton
Gold Distributor/Trainer

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brookwood Taste n Tell

Happy New Year to all!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!! We are ready to start the new year off right and we have great ideas in mind for obtaining new Menage distibutors.

We will start the new year off with our first Taste N' Tell of the year in Brookwood on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 7pm. The presentation for the evening will be given by the fantastic Vincent Tillis. If you have any one that is interested in becoming a member of our Menage team, Brookwood is the perfect place to bring them. Vincent Tillis will definitely close the deal during his presentation!!!

Of course, Menage dishes will be served so please RSVP by Wednesday, January 7 to ensure proper preparation for this GREAT event!! Please contact Mawanna @ 601-291-6020 or send emails to mspratt@totalpackageenterprise.com.

The location is 106 Deviney Cove, Byram, Ms 39272 (Brookwood Subdivision).

Directions: (very simple!!!)
1) From I-55S, take the Elton Rd exit and turn right
2) Make right onto Terry Rd @ stop-light
3) Make quick left to Lakeshore Rd beside BP service station
4) Make left to Forest Hill Rd @ stop sign/dead-end
5) Turn right into Brookwood sub-division
6) Make 2nd left in sub-division to 106 Deviney Cove

**The security guard will be alerted of the event. Please give him your name and inform him that you are coming to the "Gales" residence.**

Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 7pm!!

~Mawanna & Harvey

Silver Bonus Extended

Exciting News!!!

The SILVER 10 BONUS has been extended for January 1st – 31st 2009.


New Distributor 1 - 5 Pay Out Silver 1 = $50.00 Each

New Distributor 6 - 9 Pay Out Silver 1 $50 + $15 = $65.00 Each

New Distributor 10 – Infinity Pay Out Silver 1 $50 + $15 + $35 = $100 Each

Your Families Future and Menage Innovations

Menage Innovations 2009


I want to remind you of what a special opportunity that we still have through Menage Innovations. I was on the phone with Mark Younger and asked him how the company was doing. Of course, there was a lull of overall activity during the Holidays, but "the workers kept on working" and there was company growth. He also has said that "everyone that's in now could become millionaires and has opportunity that just won't be there when we start to reach saturation, which will be years from now". Do you believe it? Do you truly believe that Menage Innovations can make you that kind of money? I do..... But, I also understand that it can be hard to believe when everything else in the world seems so bleak. Menage can do this for you but YOU MUST be persistent at a few things.....

You MUST show the plan daily....become proficient at it and SHARE it with everyone you know. Don't be afraid or embarrassed by it. I've seen professionals that I know working at Fast Food joints to try to make ends meet....nothing wrong with that, but would you rather take someone's order at the drive through window for $7 per hour or would you rather show someone Menage and earn Fast Start Bonus, Residual Income and more?

You MUST stay connected....Attend Meetings and webinars, FREQUENTLY. If you do not make an effort to stay connected to the group, then you will not have the necessary "fire" to keep you going. By staying connected to the group, you can learn from other people's experiences as well as share your own so they can learn from you. There is an absolute overwhelming amount of support involved with Menage. If you don't believe it, then you're not taking advantage of it.

You MUST share the product with people through Taste n Tell dinners at your home, or friends homes, in order to grow this business. This is essential to gaining team members as well as customers. Folks, one of the FIRST things that you should have done is order food and schedule a taste n tell at your home with friends and neighbors. Remember, ONE customer can cover your PBV for the month, making your business overhead $0 monthly.

There are a few of our team members that have had to cancel their Autoship. I want you to remember, just because you are off autoship DOES NOT mean that you are out of the company and that you have no opportunity with Menage. Guys, you should FIRST AND FOREMOST, look for a customer that will order and cover that over head for you. Second, KEEP SHOWING the plan. When you have a team member join you, use that Fast Start Money to cover your autoshipment for the next few months.

So sorry for the lengthy email, but when it comes to Menage, I have so much to say. I started working with the Menage in April of '08. There are currently 80 Distributors on my team.....YOU are one of them. I appreciate you greatly and will do whatever I can to make our business a success, including meetings, webinars, taste n tells, and more. I'm asking that you do the same....go out of your way to introduce this special opportunity to everyone you come into contact with. No one will be offended or upset at you if you show them the plan.....if you deny them the opportunity by NOT showing them is when they might be upset.

Thanks for your continued hard work! I look forward to making it big with all of you!

Best regards,

Joe Lasher
MWYE Team Leader
Asheville, NC

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